The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Legacy

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The little Church of the Holy Cross at Ilam is one of those places that seems to have something to offer every visitor, no matter in what period or area their interest lies. There are stained glass windows that capture the light in jewel colours, humble memorials, vast and ornate tombs, a Mercian saint and a Saxon font…and traces of a history spanning a thousand years or more.

Although the village was not mentioned in the Domesday Book, the ‘Great Survey’ completed in 1086 by order of William the Conqueror, it is certain that a place of worship was already established here at that time. The first historical mention of which we have record is in the will of a lord named Wulfric dating from 1004, when King Aethelred confirmed the gifting of Ilam to Burton Abbey.

Since that time, and for who knows how long before, the little…

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Rombald’s Moor – Reblogged in honour of #YorkshireDay…

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Dawn over the Cow and Calf

There is a place the heart calls home, I think, for each of us. Sometimes we are lucky enough to live there. Sometimes it simply lives within us and pulls at the heartstrings, calling us. It may be the place you were born, a place you were happy, or a place that takes hold of your heart and begins a romance that lasts a lifetime long.

These are the places where the innermost self touches the heart of the land and Mother Nature herself reaches out to us, drawing us to her, teaching us her ways and letting us listen to her heartbeat as we lay our head upon her breast in silence and wonder.

For me, it is that ancient range that forms the backbone of England, the Pennines. These weathered hills run northwards, separating East from the West, rising in Derbyshire and running to the end of England. But…

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