Tarot Guidance for Thursday 10 August 2017: The Star

Your world may be experiencing more balance and harmony at this moment in time as The Star suggests. There is profound healing taking place as this energy permeates all aspects of your life. As you continue to follow your destined path and be guided by your intuition, the effects of the healing is likely to be felt not just today but long-term too.

Tarot Image: © The Celtic Tarot

Rosalind Medea is a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach and Relationships Counsellor, specialising in Twin Flame/Twin Soul guidance, Soulmates and those in relationships with karmic bonds. Personal tarot readings with Rosalind are now available via Patreon

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Notes from a small dog – Trying times

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It’s been a while, what with one thing and another. First she blew up the computer, then the interwebby thing stopped working… and now, well… I can’t keep track of her. She’s in and out like a yo-yo.

You wouldn’t believe what she gets up to either! She seems to forget that being a dog, I have a Nose. I am a specialist detector. You two-legses think you are pretty good at smelling stuff out, but you really can’t beat a dog. Those receptor thingys in our noses? We have fifty times more of them than you…and they count ’em in millions! And, ‘pparently, the bit of our brain stuff that works them is forty times as big as yours. We can make a pretty accurate picture of what you’ve been up to, you know. So if she thinks she can fool me, she’s very much mistaken. I know she’s…

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Back to School | Ways to Spice Up Your Uniform | Gianna & Gemini

Gianna & Gemini

Not all of us want to wear uniforms, but it’s just a policy that we have to agree with.

Sometimes uniforms can be okay to wear, simply because you’re able to escape the problem of having to choose an outfit to wear. But also, uniforms can be a hassle as well, even though they were created with good intentions.

Now, you don’t need or have to have these additions to make your uniform better, I just like to do these things to give my uniform a bit of a personalized touch to it, so it’s something that I like to do myself.

So from my own experience, I am going to give you all ways to spice up your uniform, and make it a bit more personalized.

With a uniform, shoes can make or break the finishing touch of your outfit, helping you put your signature touch into the…

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A New Mexico Wildlife Refuge

The Happy Traveler

During our visit to New Mexico we were privileged to visit a Wildlife Refuge that Ira Kaye’s friend, Ann, volunteered at.

I was impressed with Ann’s dedication and passion for the animals, many who had been wounded, and sent to the Refuge for healing and for education for children visiting the safe and caring facility.

IMG_3752It was thrilling to see a Bald Eagle…so close!

IMG_3781A different Bald Eagle.

I noticed that Ann spoke with each animal with such love and concern…that I was touched with the mission of this small rescue and refuge and educational facility.

IMG_3758The Bobcat seemed keenly aware of his surroundings…restless…hungry!

IMG_3759Owls are fascinating!

IMG_3775IMG_3772I, being an animal lover…throughly enjoyed not only our visit to the Wildlife Refuge…but also it’s profound and meaningful mission to save and protect the beautiful and diverse animals that were native to the New Mexico and southwest region.

IMG_3761IMG_3774There was a Grand…

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